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Bird Mania’s iOS release in review!

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Bird Mania’s transition to iPhone and iPad came as a pleasant surprise to many and for those loyal fans of the original Nintendo 3DS version, the release raised hope and excitement for more of Bird Mania on Nintendo 3DS.

However, putting all future propositions and plans aside, I thought it would be about time to see what the general opinions and thoughts were about our latest iOS release with a short summary of the results.

Bird Mania was described by AppPicker as “a super addictive side scrolling action-adventure game that you just won’t want to put down” with the games’ upbeat music taking center stage. Thanks to our talented sound designer, Wiktor Kuna, the original piece of music even had fans wanting it as their ringtones!

Bird Mania Team 006 2 Bird Manias iOS release in review!

App Advice dove straight into the game play describing Bird Mania as “an entertaining game that is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more (…) Your bird picks up speed pretty fast and it is not easy keeping track of the birds, bushes, and bugs that you must avoid. The challenge is what makes it so fun.

148 Apps scored the games’ graphics and sound with an impressive 4/5, emphasizing the games “addictive quality that entices the player to put up their higher scores”.

Overall it seems that Bird Mania both on Nintendo 3DS and iOS made a great impression and created a loyal bunch of Bird Maniacs.  It seems that the hard work definitely paid off for our Bird Mania team!

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