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Super Swap (DSiWare) – review by

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

SuperSwap2 thumbnail Super Swap (DSiWare)   review by Wiiloveit.comHere’s the next review of Super Swap provided by KnucklesSonic8 from

“Super Swap is much more fulfilling than other games belonging to the same genre. (…) [it] is more about skill and strategy, and this is one of the biggest things that I admire about this release.” – writes KnucklesSonic8.

Overall, “it’s definitely Teyon’s best release yet. It’s a game that carries a great sense of addictiveness and replayability that totally make it worth the asking price. The presentation, unique structure, along with the compelling and varied gameplay elements, all make Super Swap a great addition to your DSiWare library.”

General rating:
Gameplay 9/10, Presentation 9/10, Enjoyment 4/5, Extra Content 4/5 – definitely worth the $5.

The game was rated 26/30 and it was tagged with a ‘very good‘ mark! The whole article to be found here.

Super Swap (DSiWare) – review by Nintendo Life

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

SuperSwap thumbnail Super Swap (DSiWare)   review by Nintendo LifeSince Super Swap is available  in the North America from Monday 6/21 (you can buy it for 500 Nintendo DSi Points), the first comments about the game have already showed up!

We are proud to share with you a review made by Zach Kaplan from Nintendo Life. Zach enjoyed the game, epsecially its visual side: “Presentation is one area in which Super Swap really shines. The objects are bright and clear, the menus are attractive and simple, and there’s a great deal of customisation.”  Moreover, “the sound effects are also a plus” and “the music is perfect (…) it’s dissonant, catchy, relaxing and, what’s most important, unobtrusive.”

In conclusion: “With four modes, including one quite different from the other three, and three difficulty levels, there’s something here for everyone. (…) it does a great job of presenting us with something that we already know and love.”

The game was rated 8/10! We encourage you to read the whole article.
Also, check out the Super Swap page to know more about the title.

Swap till you drop with Super Swap on DSiWare™

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Our new puzzle title named Super Swap is coming to DSiWare™. It will be released in the DSi Shop™ on June 21st  2010 at a price of 500 DSi Points™.

Can’t get enough of swapping puzzle games, but want something different? Swap till you drop with Super Swap, an exciting blend of arcade action and match-3 fun. Drag colorful blocks in one of 4 directions to connect 3 or more blocks and clear the board. As new blocks fall, you’ll have to move fast to keep the stack from reaching the top! Experience plenty of twists and never-seen-before gameplay as you make combos, collect special power-ups and gain additional points in 4 different game modes. With so much fast and furious puzzling fun, you’ll never want to stop the swapping!

Check out the GAME SITE for more information.