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Interview with Producer, Piotr Latocha about the making of Rambo!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 recently spoke with Producer of Rambo The Video Game, Piort Latocha in an exclusive interview about the making of Rambo and what gamers should expect!

1. Where did the idea for the game Rambo come from, and how hard was it to get rights to this brand?

For some time now we have been producing games with the central theme being intense action. Many of us remember the Rambo movies from our childhoods, and many of these people are till this day big fans of the brand. With our partner, Reef Entertainment we decided that it would be nice to refresh the adventures of John Rambo on current generation consoles, given that the previous types of games we worked on fit well with this license. Getting the right to the brand Rambo was difficult as Studio Canal was very cautious and a lot of work and effort was placed into convincing them that our game in such a formula would work.

2. Why is Rambo a rail shooter and not the classic FPS?

A few of our previous games were on rail FPS and we decided when creating Rambo, to use that same formula and not experiment too much with it. We applied all our experience from the development of previous games to create the most interesting game-play that goes hand in hand with the events of the movies. In many ways, on rails FPS is the perfect formula for games based on intense-action movies.

3. What will attract gamers to Rambo?screen031 1024x537 Interview with Producer, Piotr Latocha about the making of Rambo!

One word, Rambo. The game was developed keeping in mind the fans of the Rambo brand and films. The main idea was to replicate the famous scenes from the film from the first person perspective, giving players the ability to feel like they are their hero, John Rambo. An example is the helicopter scene at the waterfall, where Rambo jumps out of the water pulling out a gunner from the side of the helicopter. Here, players will have the ability to play this scene from a totally new, underwater perspective. Another bonus with this game is that we have included the history of Rambo, scenes which were never filmed and only mentioned in the films.

4. Who is the game’s target? Only fans of the commando?

Definitely fans of Rambo, but not only. The game is an intense shooter in which many people will find something which appeals to them. In addition to the story from the three films and the added bonuses already mentioned, the game will heavily focus on score attack and online high scores. During the game, players will have the opportunity to develop the main characters statistics and gain special skills which will help in improving the results of their global online scores. Co-op mode is also included for players looking for cooperate and compete to advance to the next level. However, if someone isn’t interested in intense competition, they can also play Rambo to train their reflexes or to just simply shoot!

5. How long will the game be?

The game is made up of several levels inspired by events from the three films and those only mentioned in the film. As the game is based on score attack, the first part is only a prelude to the fun of beating records. In addition to improving the skills of the main character there is also challenge mode available for players looking to increase their arsenal and at the same time greatly increasing the chances of a better score. Having the ability to experiment with the characters build and seeing what works best to beat records and advance in the rankings, will provide players with a lot of gaming time.

6. In the game there will be a lot of scenes from the movies. Will the game go out of these frames?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier the game will also feature elements which were only mentioned in the trilogy and not shown.

screen02 1024x489 Interview with Producer, Piotr Latocha about the making of Rambo!7. What will make us want to replay Rambo?

One of the main elements would be the point scoring system. Thanks to the added Friend List, players now will be able to compete not just with the rest of the world but against their friends who also have the game. Character development is not just about bettering statistics but also about using the various special abilities. It is never really known which combination of skills work best at a given level and which of them will produce the best possible result. I hope that the DLC, which we are currently working on, will also encourage players to return to the game.

8. Which part of the trilogy was in your opinion the best and did it influence the development of the game?

In my opinion, the first film, First Blood was definitely the most interesting but also the most difficult to add into our formula. The second and third films are typical action movies and ideally suited our type of game. It was also important for us to present the complete history of Rambo for the original trilogy, and to not miss any of the films seeing as First Blood was never created into a game.

9. How will the boss battles look and who or what will be involved?

The boss battles will vary. They will include Rambo’s face off with sheriff Teasle while hiding at the police station in the town of Hope, the memorable scene at the waterfall with officer Taiem and the elimination of a Soviet helicopter with a bow and explosive shot.

10. Rambo the Video Game is not the first on-rails shooter with the character, Rambo. A while back there was an arcade game, Rambo Arcade. When making Rambo were you influenced by anything from this title?

We knew about this title but unfortunately couldn’t find a machine to try out the game in person. Despite the fact that both games present an arcade style, our approach to the subject was more serious. We wanted to make the locations and exchanges of gun fire replicate more so that which was shown in the films. Rambo Arcade consisted mainly of shredded scenes from the films in a mixed order. Our game is certainly more fluid when it comes to the narration and consists only of one complete story.

11. Does the game include the original soundtrack and dialogues from the actors who starred in the original film.

Yes, in the game you will hear the original soundtrack and original voices of Sylvester Stallone and Richard Crenny.screen021 1024x490 Interview with Producer, Piotr Latocha about the making of Rambo!

Rambo The Video Game will be released this Friday, 21 February in Europe on Xbox360, PSN/PS3 and PC/Steam.

Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut is coming soon to Nintendo 3DS and DSi!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Chickens have invaded a movie studio starting a hilariously messy rampage around the film sets and properties! It’s time to take position in the director’s seat, reload the shotgun and aim with precision at these winged intruders! Shoot down the right amount of chickens and stage props in order to progress to the next take and solve tons of brain teasing riddles for bonus points. Movie fans and action lovers will have a blast playing this game. The lights are on, the cameras are rolling and now it’s time for some feathery shooting action!

BlogDC Crazy Chicken: Directors Cut is coming soon to Nintendo 3DS and DSi!

Game Features:

  • 2 unique movie sets to unlock with over 10 filming takes to reach
  • Limited amount of ammo, requiring accuracy with ever shot
  • Shoot chickens and stage props to progress to the next take
  • An award winning performance by the chickens from the popular Crazy Chicken franchise
  • The most exciting and craziest shooting action around

Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut is available from October 24 on Nintendo 3DSTM and Nintendo DSiTM in Europe for €1.99 via Nintendo eShop or 200 Nintendo DSi PointsTM via Nintendo DSiWareTM. American release is coming soon!

Get ready to roll the red carpet as these crazy chickens prepare to premiere next Thursday and for an exclusive sneak peak, watch the official trailer below!

Feel the intensity in Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D, the latest military shooter to hit Nintendo 3DS!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Don’t think to underestimate this enemy…

Deep within the overgrown jungles of South America, a group of highly trained US marines head out for their latest secret mission; to take down the largest international arms trafficking cartel known as Fuerza de Voluntad. Your soldier, Will is one of the experienced marines ready to charge through the treacherous jungle environment in this long standing heated war. Immerse yourself in this awesome military 3D shooter as you shoot down enemy aircrafts, smashing through and interacting with the hostile environment. Ride aboard helicopters and tanks aiming to vanquish the entire cartel with the use of powerful upgradable weapons for a total military show down!

BlogHeavy1 Feel the intensity in Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D, the latest military shooter to hit Nintendo 3DS!

Game Features:

  • Complete missions through dense South American jungles with destructible objects and environments
  • Tackle missions with different vehicles including helicopters, tanks and on foot
  • Ability to advance in military ranks for access to faster and more powerful weaponry
  • Hardcore first-person shooter with special 3D effects for a surreal experience!

The operation is set to take off this Thursday, August 15 on Nintendo eShop in the Americas and Europe for $4.99 and €4.99.

Soldiers, prepare for departure in less than 2 days…

Heavy Fire’s Shattered Spear has hit its target!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

How did Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear fair?

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, the latest release from the popular franchise Heavy Fire, takes your solider Will, on a mission to Iran to rescue a spy who has stolen secret documents about an Iranian nuclear facility. In the toughest operation yet, you are required to rescue your spy, protect your based and take the fight to the enemy, bringing down the threat of nuclear weapons.

A month after its release, the sequel to the popular on-rails shooter has made its mark on the gaming world with releasing a recent review by reviewer Zachary Martinez.

Untitled 1 Heavy Fire’s Shattered Spear has hit its target!

Shattered Spear was described as “more honest and challenging than those popular military shooters”. The review goes on to highlight that “the levels are well constructed and there is more environment interaction that that immovable barrel in CoD or invincible pool chairs in Dead Island.”

Overall, Shattered Spear was awarded 8 out of 10 by for keeping true to the original style of on-rails shooters. Check out the full review HERE or head over to the game’s page at!

Already an impressive start to the year for the Heavy Fire series, we cannot wait to see how our other upcoming games fair in the coming months!

And for a quick reminder into Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s game play, take a look at its official trailer!

Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

With the excitement and anticipated release of the next installment to the Heavy Fire series, Shattered Spear, I decided to sit down and have a quick chat with Mariusz, the Project Manager from Teyon about his team’s work in producing the latest Heavy Fire game. And here is what he had to say…

Pic 1 edit21 300x224 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

What is the basic story-line behind the game?

The storyline in this version is completely different to the previous Heavy Fire titles. So far, every Heavy Fire release has had its own unique adventure and this release is no different. The only consistency between each version of the game is the main character, Will, who this time takes part in missions in Afghanistan and Iran where he, along with his team, try to prevent a nuclear disaster.

Are there any new additions to the mechanics of the game?

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is based on similar mechanics to the previous titles. However, there have been a number of minor and major improvements as well as the creation of several new solutions aimed at attracting players who enjoy this genre. The player has at their disposal many more weapons and military equipment to use and apply, then in Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. Each weapon provides its own unique style of play. There is also the option of using guns within vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and gunship (AC-130).

Pic 2 edit2 224x300 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project ManagerOur aim wasn’t to create an entire revolution, but to concentrate on certain elements that we hope appeal to our audience. We changed our approach to the story-line by creating one consistent story-line from beginning to end instead of just a series of missions to complete. The graphics engine and sound have also been improved as well as the expanded selection of weaponry and vehicles to use throughout the game. We also increased the use and interaction of elements within the environment, to help players in the elimination of the enemy and lastly developed more diverse sceneries of the locations where the battles with the enemies take place.

As the project manager for this version of Heavy Fire, which part of its development did you enjoy the most?

Hmm, it’s hard to say. For us, making games always brings us pleasure. Every element we create, we not only do it for ourselves but also the players that will play the games we develop. We always approach our work not only in a way to get the job done, but also for the team to enjoy the whole process and have fun developing these games.

Where do you see the series of Heavy Fire heading? Will there be more additions to the franchise in the next couple of years?Pic 3 edit2 300x181 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

The possibilities are endless. Definitely there is a chance for the game to be released on other gaming platforms. We aren’t excluding spin-offs. The next big steps will be aiming for next generation consoles and I hope that we will also be able to release new and better games to add to the Heavy Fire series.

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is available from Tuesday, 29th of January on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and on PC in the US! Check out for all your Heavy Fire needs, including screenshots and the trailer for Shattered Spear!