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After crushing enemy castles, it’s time to see how Castle Clout 3D fared!

Friday, February 7th, 2014

You return from a long journey to find your kingdom at war with neighboring countries and allies captured by your enemy. It is time to reunite your lands and free your people in the popular physics-based game, Castle Clout 3D!

Castle Clout 3D is already available online and on mobile devices and now with the release on the American Nintendo eShop, it is time to see how the game fared with 3DS fans!

Pure Nintendo‘s Trevor Gould, highlighted that “the game looks good, controls well (with support for both stylus and button support) and has plenty of challenging content”. He scored the game 7.5/10, summing it up to be “high on content, low on price, Castle Clout 3D is a fun game that’ll keep you playing.”

Jason Nason from Darkain Arts compared the game to the Angry Birds series – “If you’ve played Angry Birds or another similar style game you’ll know what you’re in for”, further adding that “this game has a lot of class” scoring Castle Clout 3D 7/10.

NintendoLife‘s Ron DelVillano also compared the game to the likes of Angry Birds.  “For fans of Angry Birds who are looking for a change of pace, or anyone who is craving a bit of relaxing fun, this castle is definitely worth crushing,” scoring Castle Clout 7/10.

The eShop Guru‘s scored “it a very special 8 spikey balls out of 10.” Their general impression was that it is “very fun to see when that single stone makes that huge castle fall in parts, squashing and burning enemies while leaving friends unscratched and confused.”

ClassicGamesRoom also were impressed with this little gem. Watch their video review below!

CGR Undertow – CASTLE CLOUT 3D review for… przez CGRundertow

Castle Clout 3D will be soon available in the European Nintendo eShop. More info to come soon! icon smile After crushing enemy castles, its time to see how Castle Clout 3D fared!

The popular online game, Castle Clout 3D is coming to Nintendo eShop!

Monday, January 27th, 2014
Take to the battlefields, diminish the wicked enemy and reunite your empire!

After journeying far and wide you return to your kingdom to find it occupied by a wicked enemy, the Darkness! It’s your job to save your kingdom and bring the enemy back down to the earth’s surface, literally.

Use trebuchets and ballistas to fire at your enemies fortresses, toppling their strongholds to the ground. Select from stone missiles to cauldrons, customizing each attack for the best results. Position your weapons for maximum destruction and fight enemies forces through the Forest, Desert, Jungle and more!

CastleBlogScreens The popular online game, Castle Clout 3D is coming to Nintendo eShop!

Game Features:

  • Challenge your friends and family in “hot seat” multiplayer mode! Take turns shooting missiles to score points and destroy your opponent’s castle
  • Battle through 150 levels and earn Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies
  • Easy controls keep the game moving—just aim, set and release!
  • 16 stunning, painted backgrounds peopled with unique foes
  • 16 special ammo types
  • Build custom levels
  • Entertaining sound effects

Castle Clout 3D will be available in the American Nintendo eShop this Thursday, January 30 for $4.99!

Bird Mania Christmas in review!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

After smashing onto Nintendo 3DS back in 2012, Mojo the bird has returned to continue his adventure to the African wild, but this time his travels have taken a chilly twist!

Check out what reviewers have had to say about the holiday inspired, Bird Mania Christmas, now available on Nintendo eShop!

After  reaching the top spot in the new online leaderboards, Philip J Reed from NintendoLife summed up the new Bird Mania Christmas as retaining “all of the addictiveness and frantic charm of its predecessor” and that “fortunately it’s a gift that keeps on giving“, scoring it a smashing 8/10!

Family Friendly Gaming was also impressed with the game, scoring it a grand 92/100 and adding that “this franchise continues to impress Family Friendly Gaming… Beating that high score is an amazingly strong incentive to replay.

Bezerker99 from eShopGurus gave Bird Mania Christmas an overall score of 8/10 concluding that “the online leader boards, same addictive game play, and cheap price, make this game a no-brainer, especially for fans of the original Bird Mania 3D and endless runner type games.

Overall, it seems that Mojo the bird is successfully continuing his adventure to Africa and hopefully we’ll see more of him in the future!

Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles in review!

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Released before Christmas this little gem from Japanese development house, Mechanic Arms was already wagging tongues in the Nintendo community before its release. Now, after swinging into the European and American Nintendo eShop, the results are in and it’s time to see how our latest title, Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles has fared.

One of the first reviews was by Darkain Arts  who emphasized that “Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles is a fun game to play and is a breeze to pick up play in short bursts. With SO many levels to play through in this game you can keep playing for long sessions or just grab a quick level in while you’re out an about. This game is great fun.” Overall it was scored a whooping 9/10!

NintendoLife described the action-puzzler as a “great entertainment; a good fit for the eShop” which is “easy to learn and challenging enough to keep you invested”, scoring it a superb 7/10.

Pure Nintendo’s Trevor Gould prasied the title scoring it 7.5/10 and adding that “I can also confidently say that this is a download that’s worth your time.  Banana Bliss Jungle Puzzles is another good puzzle platformer for 3DS.

More reviews followed suit, with Family Friendly Gaming scoring Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles an awesome 89/100 as well as First Comic News’ Matthew Szewczyk praising the game for its suitability for all ages adding that “I would not be surprised if my kids found this little gem installed on their 3DS systems on Christmas morning, Santa is with the times after all, and I think they would have a blast with it.

And last but not least, a video review by ClassicGameRoom:


See what all the fuss is about and get your own copy of the game and start your adventure through the jungles of Paradise Island today!

Ho-ho-ho Bird Mania is back in a Christmas Special on Nintendo eShop!

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

The holiday season is fast approaching and Mojo is still flapping his wings hoping to end his journey before Christmas! The land is glazed with white snow, candy canes and other delicious Christmas treats and the skies are busy with Santa’s little helper’s delivery presents to all the children across the globe. The questions is, will Mojo make it in time without ruining Christmas?Logo5 6 pl Ho ho ho Bird Mania is back in a Christmas Special on Nintendo eShop!

Bird Mania Christmas comes just in time for the start of the holiday season. After the release of Bird Mania on iOS we received tons of requests from 3DS Bird Mania fans to bring an update to the chart topper on Nintendo 3DS. Now Bird Mania Christmas includes online leaderboards giving players a chance to fight for the top spot as well a Christmas-inspired theme with snow capped pine trees and flying elves.

Bird Mania Christmas is available from next Thursday, 26th of December for $1.99/€1.99 on Nintendo eShop in the Americas and Europe!

Watch all the flapping action in the official trailer below!