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Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Hello everyone! We would like to introduce you to charming monsters and the devil itself in Unholy Heights, our upcoming release on PlayStation 4. Take the most fun parts of a Tower Defense button-masher and blend them with the best features of an Apartment Management sim to unleash unstoppable monster army and rule the world!

Unholy Heights was developed by the Japanese studio Mebius and it is widely acclaimed as a winner of Indie Stream Awards in Best of Indie Stream, Best of Sound and Best of Narrative categories, also the game was added to Gold Hall of Fame by Famitsu, the most popular Japanese gaming magazine. So it looks like there will be plenty of fun! icon smile Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

UnholyHeights cover Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

Hell is too boring, so The Devil transforms himself into… a monster apartment slum lord! Your building begins small but there’s room for unlimited growth if you manage your monsters right. Attract new tenants, watch them go to work, fall in love and even have children. Keep them happy with the right mix of furnishings and upgrades and they’ll slaughter every troublesome human in sight. However, monsters can also be lazy, stay unemployed and get behind on rent, so you might be forced to kick them out to make room for more responsible monsters. Figure out what your best strategy is and which monsters are worth to keep!

Unholy Heights 1 1024x576 Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

But don’t forget that Monsters are also vicious creatures from the abyss and nearby human settlements aren’t exactly too thrilled with them as neighbors. They will occasionally send adventurers and heroes to your complex to try to kill you and your friends. Rouse your monsters with a knock on their door, summon them to battle, outnumber and trap invading humans in pincer formations, and collect the spoils of victory!

Unholy Heights 2 1024x576 Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

As your triumphs mount and your tenants proliferate, gain gold and prizes to expand and upgrade your building and reward your most loyal and bloodthirsty monsters. However, be careful: your tenants can die, and if that happens, they aren’t around to pay rent. Also, their lover won’t be happy if their one true love dies brutally by your hand.

Unholy Heights 3 1024x576 Tower Defense and Apartment Management Mix Unholy Heights Coming to PS4

Get your tactics right and rule your building then RULE THE WORLD! That pretty much sums it up and gives you an idea what you can expect from Unholy Heights. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 13th and will be offered with a special launch discount. Be fast to grab the bargain for just $5.24, before the regular price of $6.99 kicks in. We can’t wait to see what you think of Unholy Heights once it launches!

Meantime watch the official trailer below or visit the game page here!

Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Iron Combat: War in the Air is already available in the Nintendo eShop in Americas for some time and now it’s time for Europe to transform into a hi-tech mecha and finish off the enemy! But before that let’s see how the game performed in the reviews.

art Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

Overall, Iron Combat: War in the Air is a fantastic game. (…) the music was great, the game-play was intense, thrilling, and just plain fun, and I actually liked the character voice-overs as well. If you love aerial combat/Mech games, you should definitely pick this one up. With high intensity battles, fast paced combat, and really great music, Iron Combat: War in the Air does not disappoint. And at $6.99? Well, I’d consider it a steal.” – wrote Warbird in his article for What else could we add? icon biggrin Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

eShop Gurus pointed out that Iron Combat is quite a challenge, but “ if you can handle the challenge, (…) then this game might pick up in your radar!“. The game was scored 7 out of 10.

Nintendo Enthusiast liked the visuals stating: “Graphically, the game presents a nice interface, and the 3D effects works nicely. The main character design is great and the enemy models look good as well“. The reviewer, Eric Wichart summed up that it is “a great game with a fast-paced game and a lot of action for a good price“.

Also, Jeffri from blog praised the title and called it “a nice addition on the eShop and if you are a fan of the genre, I can highly recommended it. (…) With two paths to complete the game and achievements, it also has a good replay value. I ended up beating the game 3 times, and scored almost 19 hours play time.”

Overall, Iron Combat: War in the Air left a good impression as a challenging and fun game! Below you can also take a look at the game-play video presenting first four missions.

Dare the demon’s nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Rediscover the thrill & challenge of epic dungeon-crawling RPG adventure!

Are you brave enough to explore the treacherous depths? Test your courage in this classic dungeon exploration RPG from Japan, soon available to Western gamers for the first time.

Excave milestone Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Imperial City is at war! The King needs you to explore the perilous and ancient Labyrinth beneath the city – find out why this mysterious magical laboratory now spews out an army of powerful monsters bent on destruction, and descend to its lowest depths to rescue the missing Magician.

Excave Screen01 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Triumph in a test of your weapons & magic, or perish trapped deep within the twisting halls of the Labyrinth. Explore, fight and win fame & fortune, then return to the city above to heal, identify fabulous treasures and repair & upgrade your equipment.

Your character grows in strength and powers as you defeat the demons within the Labyrinth. Conquer 5 stunning boss battles to earn more powers and immense riches. Become the hero that Imperial City needs in its darkest hour!

Excave Screen02 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Game Features:

  • Choose and fully customize your character with hundreds of different treasures and equipment items you can collect, modify, upgrade, repair and sell
  • Test your courage & skills against hundreds of unique enemies
  • 50 terrifying dungeon levels to explore, with 5 massive boss fights
  • Gorgeous Japanese-style RPG graphics and gameplay, in a top-down 3D perspective that puts you in the adventure
  • Progress through an epic storyline to develop your character’s abilities in true RPG fashion, and finally conquer the secrets of the Labyrinth!

Excave Screen03 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Excave will become available in the Nintendo eShop in the Americas from February 19th, 2015 for $4.99, with a European release following soon! For a sneak peak of a thrilling fighting action take a look at the official trailer below:

Also you can check the official website of the Japanese original here.

The classic is back with Steel Empire on Nintendo 3DS!

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Fight the Evil in the retro shooting experience!

Steel Empire is a huge Japanese brand originally released as Koutetsu Teikoku. Damien McFerran in his retrospective article for EuroGamer called the title: “ one of the most original and enduring shooters of the 16-bit era; a game which continues to enthral existing fans and – thanks to the 3DS version – is set to enrapture an entirely fresh generation of players.” Teyon in cooperation with Mechanic Arms, Mebius and Starfish are proud to bring this awesome franchise to Amercian players on a totally new platform!

01a The classic is back with Steel Empire on Nintendo 3DS!

Steel Empire is a steam punk shoot’em up game featuring a frantic combat filled with powerful enemies and insane obstacles. Enjoy a beautiful world and retro game-play as you dodge and shoot your way through classical stages. Choose one of 4 difficulty settings according to your set of skills and fight the evil empire! See how well you did using the Replay Mode and show your worth by getting all achievements.

Originally released on Sega Genesis and Game Boy™ Advance, now Steel Empire is finally coming to Nintendo 3DS™!

02a The classic is back with Steel Empire on Nintendo 3DS!

Game Features:

  • Dance with bullets and shoot down the enemy
  • 7 complex stages full of adrenaline-pumping action and boss fights
  • Collect special power-ups and increase your firepower with a level-up system (up to 20 levels)
  • Enjoy the retro graphics providing new 3D effects
  • The classic is back! Legendary side-scrolling shooting action now flying into the Nintendo eShop!

Steel Empire will be available on Nintendo eShop in the Americas from July 31 for $29.99! You can watch the official trailer below:

Sea Battle in review!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

The new rendition of the classic paper and pencil game battleship, Sea Battle is already available on Nintendo DSiWare and Nintendo eShop for some time now. Here is a summary of what some reviewers have had to say about the title!

01 Sea Battle in review!03 Sea Battle in review! 

The team at Pure Nintendo pointed out that “Sea Battle accomplishes what it set out to do by translating an iconic game into the digital realm and offering it for a scant 200 points ($1.99). At such a low price, this download isn’t hard to recommend – you’ll get your money’s worth.” The game was titles “a solid budget offering” and rated with a 7.

Darkain Arts Gamers were also pleased with the game citing Sea Battle as ”solid in the gameplay, game mechanics and look”. The game got an overall recommendation: “If you enjoy playing the boardgame Battleship you should check this one out” and a score of 7.

What’s Your Tag summed up Sea Battle as “a cheap game that is easy to pick up and play to pass the time” adding that “it takes the classic Battleship formula and adds a little twist with modern mode and a few challenge levels”.

But the most positive opinion was from eShop Gurus which wrote about Sea Battle that “it stands on its own very well as a good electronic Battleship game. (…) For someone looking for a good Battleship game, I give this my full recommendation!”

Don’t hesitate and get your own copy today. Command your fleet to victory in this epic battle on open seas!