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Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games (WiiWare) – Review by

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

wiiware hubert banner Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games (WiiWare)   Review by GamerPops.comOur latest game Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games is available on WiiWare™ (in the North America) from Monday, February 8. It is being offered for 500 Wii Points™ and it is rated E for EVERYONE by ESRB.

The game has already received its first reviews. One of them is written by Greg Picken from GamerPops.

“Hubert the Bear: Winter Games is a cute WiiWare title that can provide a fun bit of gaming at a very reasonable price. (…) as a fun and inexpensive diversion, its something that younger kids will enjoy along with their parents. A good family choice for a cold winter weekend.” – writes Greg in the article.

The game achieved 75% in the Pops rating! The whole review can be read here.

We also encourage you to check out the game’s official site to find out more.