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Cube Tactics in review!

Monday, March 24th, 2014

After completing your intense training with Sir Knight in the land of cubes, it is time to return to the real world and take a peek at your performance, well maybe not yours but that of the game, Cube Tactics! Here is a summary of what some reviewers have had to say about Cube Tactics on Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo Life described Cube Tactics as “an addictive strategy game experience that’s very easy to pick up and play” rating the game overall 7/10.

“With a straightforward and entertaining tutorial, a varied single-player quest and a wealth of on- and offline multiplayer modes, however, Cube Tactics is well worth its small asking price.” – NintendoLife

Jonathan Harrington from Nintendo Enthusiast was also pleased with the game stating that “For a five-dollar game, it is absolutely splendid; solid music, pleasing visuals, and clever strategy and puzzle gameplay definitely makes the title stand out.” Nintendo Enthusiast’s score was 7.5/10!

Nintendo World Report was also impressed with this strategy title, stating that “Cube Tactics provides the eShop with a much needed strategic experience that is both challenging and rewarding”. NWR scored the game a solid 8/10!

But the positive reviews don’t end there! My Gamer scored Cube Tactics, 3.5/5 adding that “blending RTS, tower defense, and strategy elements, Cube Tactics is an unexpected charming five dollar eShop download that is worth your time.”

But the most stand out score was from Mario & Yoshi Friends Magazine which gave Cube Tactics a score of 5/5!

Cube Tactics also appeared on Rebel Gaming‘s Twitch TV! Watch the review below!

Watch live video from Rebgaming on TwitchTV

The little rhythmic puzzler, Groove Heaven, in review!

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Did Rhymi, the little purple demon make it to the top of the tower?

After gracefully waltzing onto Nintendo eShop last May, this little purple demon made a great impression on the Nintendo gaming world and produced positive responses from gamers and reviewers alike. Here is what a few reviewers had to say about the rhythmic 3DS puzzler!

Nintendo World Report described Groove Heaven as having “this unique charm about it” with “simple gameplay mechanics and charming comic book style worked wonderfully to make the game stand out”, rating the game 7 out of 10.

Infendo’s Essel Pratt rated the game 4/5 justifying it as “a catchy little game, and well worth the $3.99 US (3.99 Euros)…If you are a fan of rhythm games, give it a shot!”

Christ Centered Games also enjoyed this game of two worlds describing it as “a fun and a well polished game”, with an overall game score of 84%.

Classic Game Room‘s Derek also enjoyed this little rhythmic puzzler and more of his review as well as gameplay can be viewed in the video below!

Groove Heaven is available in Europe and the Americas for €3.99 and $3.99 on Nintendo eShop!

More is revealed from RAMBO the Video Game with new screenshots emerging!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The anticipation for the release of Rambo the Video Game is rising and both we, Teyon and Reef Entertainment are extremely excited with the way it is all coming along!

In the past few weeks exclusive details about the game have been revealed to all Rambo fans and the media with even more screenshots released.

Rambo New Screens 1024x611 More is revealed from RAMBO the Video Game with new screenshots emerging!

Reef Entertainment confirmed earlier on this month that the original voice tracks of Sylvester Stallone and Richard Crenna will be used in the game. This will all add to the overall gaming experience bringing player’s a step closer to living and experiencing the original action within the movies.

The mechanics of the game will not only allow players to destroy their enemies but also interact and destroy the environment! Players will have control over cover options, targeting and shooting at enemies, choice in weapons as well as the need to re-load weapons when required.

Check out more of Rambo on the Official Rambo Game Facebook Page or the Official Rambo Game Website!