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Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Iron Combat: War in the Air is already available in the Nintendo eShop in Americas for some time and now it’s time for Europe to transform into a hi-tech mecha and finish off the enemy! But before that let’s see how the game performed in the reviews.

art Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

Overall, Iron Combat: War in the Air is a fantastic game. (…) the music was great, the game-play was intense, thrilling, and just plain fun, and I actually liked the character voice-overs as well. If you love aerial combat/Mech games, you should definitely pick this one up. With high intensity battles, fast paced combat, and really great music, Iron Combat: War in the Air does not disappoint. And at $6.99? Well, I’d consider it a steal.” – wrote Warbird in his article for What else could we add? icon biggrin Iron Combat: War in the Air in review!

eShop Gurus pointed out that Iron Combat is quite a challenge, but “ if you can handle the challenge, (…) then this game might pick up in your radar!“. The game was scored 7 out of 10.

Nintendo Enthusiast liked the visuals stating: “Graphically, the game presents a nice interface, and the 3D effects works nicely. The main character design is great and the enemy models look good as well“. The reviewer, Eric Wichart summed up that it is “a great game with a fast-paced game and a lot of action for a good price“.

Also, Jeffri from blog praised the title and called it “a nice addition on the eShop and if you are a fan of the genre, I can highly recommended it. (…) With two paths to complete the game and achievements, it also has a good replay value. I ended up beating the game 3 times, and scored almost 19 hours play time.”

Overall, Iron Combat: War in the Air left a good impression as a challenging and fun game! Below you can also take a look at the game-play video presenting first four missions.

Battle it out in Clash of Elementalists!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

I heard that battling was your thing…well this April you’ll be able to take to the ring and fight it out in a mighty clash against the elements!

Logo2 1024x507 Battle it out in Clash of Elementalists!

Step into the shoes of one of the four Elementalists each possessing their own superior power – fire, earth, air and water and take to the battlefields in a fight of superiority!

Draw on the unique abilities of your chosen character and use their elements to counter attack from afar or in hand-to-hand combat. Destroy the other Elementalists in engaging and explosive rounds of single-play onslaughts or compete with your friends using local wireless connection! Take the battle above the clouds or in the depths of ancient ruins as you fight for your Elementalist to be the only and final victor!

Screenshots Battle it out in Clash of Elementalists!

  • Play for victory in 4 different modes: Training, Arcade, Free Battle and Versus
  • Battle against your friends in 2 player mode via DS Wireless Play
  • Select your character based on their elements; Celsius, Biot, Fahrenheit or Mole
  • Master insane finishing moves for an incredible game-play experience!

Clash of Elementalists is available this Thursday (11th of April) in North America and Europe via Nintendo eShop for $4.99/€4.99 and via Nintendo DSiWare for 500 Nintendo DSi PointsTM!

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Feel the power of the planetary elements in this fight of the season and check out the official trailer below!