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Excave in review!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

It’s about time to check, if reviewers rediscover the thrill & challenge of epic dungeon-crawling RPG adventure! Here’s what media and players have had to say about our magical Excave available in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS!

Google Cover Excave in review!

Nintendo Life wrote that “[its] strengths lie in its simple combat which manages to stave off repetition, the array of weapon types, and the diversity of ways players can tackle each dungeon. (…) the journey is still mechanically engaging and definitely worth the effort, especially if you’re a newcomer to the dungeon crawler genre, have a little extra cash, or both.”

Shigeru Reviews scored the game 8.5 out of 10 and praised Excave as “a great proposal with all the elements of a classic dungeon crawler (…) [it] will keep you entertained for a long time trying to find all the secrets the Labyrinth possess. (…) [It] is a worthy inclusion on the 3ds library and well spent cash IMO.”

Nerdbacon was really impressed with the title and called “Excave to be one of the best eShop games I’ve played.”

Pokemon Battle Zone pointed out that the best features of Excave are “awesome music, a lot of floors to explore, enemies to defeat and items to find, it’s a game that’s well worth the $5 asking price.”

But the positive reviews don’t end there! Darkain Arts Gamers summed up – “If dungeon exploration games are you kind of thing, or if the game has peaked your interest, you should definitely take a look.”

Overall, it looks like Excave has won fame & fortune among players and hopefully will return to the platform with new installments.

Dare the demon’s nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Rediscover the thrill & challenge of epic dungeon-crawling RPG adventure!

Are you brave enough to explore the treacherous depths? Test your courage in this classic dungeon exploration RPG from Japan, soon available to Western gamers for the first time.

Excave milestone Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Imperial City is at war! The King needs you to explore the perilous and ancient Labyrinth beneath the city – find out why this mysterious magical laboratory now spews out an army of powerful monsters bent on destruction, and descend to its lowest depths to rescue the missing Magician.

Excave Screen01 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Triumph in a test of your weapons & magic, or perish trapped deep within the twisting halls of the Labyrinth. Explore, fight and win fame & fortune, then return to the city above to heal, identify fabulous treasures and repair & upgrade your equipment.

Your character grows in strength and powers as you defeat the demons within the Labyrinth. Conquer 5 stunning boss battles to earn more powers and immense riches. Become the hero that Imperial City needs in its darkest hour!

Excave Screen02 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Game Features:

  • Choose and fully customize your character with hundreds of different treasures and equipment items you can collect, modify, upgrade, repair and sell
  • Test your courage & skills against hundreds of unique enemies
  • 50 terrifying dungeon levels to explore, with 5 massive boss fights
  • Gorgeous Japanese-style RPG graphics and gameplay, in a top-down 3D perspective that puts you in the adventure
  • Progress through an epic storyline to develop your character’s abilities in true RPG fashion, and finally conquer the secrets of the Labyrinth!

Excave Screen03 Dare the demons nest of the Labyrinth in Excave for Nintendo 3DS!

Excave will become available in the Nintendo eShop in the Americas from February 19th, 2015 for $4.99, with a European release following soon! For a sneak peak of a thrilling fighting action take a look at the official trailer below:

Also you can check the official website of the Japanese original here.