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Bringing Dinosaurs back to life with 101 Dino Pets 3D!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Introducing the Nintendo 3DS world to a new breed of pets!Dino logo M p1 Bringing Dinosaurs back to life with 101 Dino Pets 3D!

When I was growing up, the closest thing that came to a virtual pet was the tamagotchi. Ahhh…the sweet memories of the little black and white creature moving around the screen fascinated whole nations of school children back in my time to the extent that many schools banned kids from bringing it into class as it was too distracting! Of course that didn’t stop us from finding ways around the ban!

Today, if you are looking to own your own virtual pet or just  entertaining yourself or your kids with a pet caring game from another time in a new dimension, then you don’t need to look too far, as this might just be the game for you!

pilka1 Bringing Dinosaurs back to life with 101 Dino Pets 3D!101 Dino Pets 3D takes pet caring to a whole new level as you get to own your very own Dinosaur! With many combinations of dinosaurs available you will be able to dress, bathe, feed and play with your little Dino all day long! Mini games and quests will keep you and your little Dino entertained for hours. Entering your Dino into the occasional contest or competition will earn new toys, clothes and furniture keeping both you and your pet happy!

So if you are a big kid looking for something different to pamper and care for, or you just want a light hearted game for your kids to enjoy and learn from, then this may just do the trick!

A great pet simulation game for all to enjoy with the added bonus that you can always pause the game and come back to it later, so no excuses for your kids to be distracted at school! Or, even for those bigger kids at work!