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Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut is coming soon to Nintendo 3DS and DSi!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Chickens have invaded a movie studio starting a hilariously messy rampage around the film sets and properties! It’s time to take position in the director’s seat, reload the shotgun and aim with precision at these winged intruders! Shoot down the right amount of chickens and stage props in order to progress to the next take and solve tons of brain teasing riddles for bonus points. Movie fans and action lovers will have a blast playing this game. The lights are on, the cameras are rolling and now it’s time for some feathery shooting action!

BlogDC Crazy Chicken: Directors Cut is coming soon to Nintendo 3DS and DSi!

Game Features:

  • 2 unique movie sets to unlock with over 10 filming takes to reach
  • Limited amount of ammo, requiring accuracy with ever shot
  • Shoot chickens and stage props to progress to the next take
  • An award winning performance by the chickens from the popular Crazy Chicken franchise
  • The most exciting and craziest shooting action around

Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut is available from October 24 on Nintendo 3DSTM and Nintendo DSiTM in Europe for €1.99 via Nintendo eShop or 200 Nintendo DSi PointsTM via Nintendo DSiWareTM. American release is coming soon!

Get ready to roll the red carpet as these crazy chickens prepare to premiere next Thursday and for an exclusive sneak peak, watch the official trailer below!