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Grab free points with Heavy Fire: Black Arms contest

Friday, April 1st, 2011

competition banner2 300x124 Grab free points with Heavy Fire: Black Arms contestCelebrate the success of Heavy Fire: Black Arms, the current #1 on the WiiWare™ TOP20 list, and take part in a special contest event! Compete to get 8 x 2000 Wii™ Points coupons and 8 x CDs of The 30th of July, the band standing behind the game’s promo songs.

Players can use secret codes gained in the game to submit their best results to the world ranking via a highscore section  on the game’s official site. Each Friday, starting from April 8th, 4 results will be picked and awarded with prizes for the next 4 consecutive weeks.

Weekly Prizes:

  • 1 x 2000 Wii™ Points coupon for a current best score.
  • 1 x 2000 Wii™ Points coupon for a random player.
  • 2 x CD of The 30th of July for randomly picked players.

Winners will be declared on our Facebook pages @HeavyFireGame and @TeyonGames as well as at our twitter account @TeyonGames. We will use e-mail addresses submitted with the scores to send the coupons and to ask about the postal address (for CD winners). Please note that one person is allowed to win only one coupon and one CD. Only North American coupons are available.

More info can be found at the game’s official site

Nintendo is not sponsoring, endorsing, or otherwise affiliated with this promotion.