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Tallowmere in review

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Here’s a roundup of reviews of our action roguelite platformer, Tallowmere available in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch!

Tallowmere on Switch Tallowmere in review rated the game 9 out of 10 and called it “a charming game that’s easily addictive. It can bring out your competitive side with friends to see who can last the longest and get the highest score. It’s a fun challenge that can get intense fast but can be pretty casual at the same time. It’s a game we’ll be going back to again.”

According to J. P. Humphries from, Tallowmere “has a lot of good things about it. It’s simple yet has depth, there’s no fluff and it’s addictive. There’s not much else to ask for in a Rogue-like. (…) Those wanting a solid no nonsense Rogue-like will definitely get a fill from Tallowmere”.

“Tallowmere surprised me – it offers exceptional value for money given the low cost and high replay value and despite humble looks, it creates the kind of gameplay hook that will make you want to keep picking it up again and again” – Matthew Smail from Nerdly rated the game 7 out of 10.

Also, Jack from Switch Era had a blast and “enjoyed it a lot” (rated 8 out of 10), and Stark from Real Otaku Gamer thinks it “is a great game and as a cheap one, it certainly is worth looking into”.

eShop Gurus team stated that the game “gives the Switch eShop a dungeon crawler that, while seeming to be basic with it’s presentation, makes up for it with it’s replayability from altering the game for better or worse depending on your taste. It’s easy to pick up and go explore the dungeon nature really suits the portability of the switch, while out, you can do a run to see how far you can make it in a dungeon, and with friends, it’ll be worth sacrificing a kitty or two for”. Rated 8 out of 10.

The same rating was given by The Flannel Fox in his YouTube review. “With solid mechanics, challenging gameplay and variety from run to run, Tallowmere captured my attention from the moment I sat down and repeated started dying, then running back into battle Axe blazing”. Watch the full video below:

And last but not least – players’ feedback. Tallowmere has been kindly received by real players too icon smile Tallowmere in review A user called Ziovax wrote a review at Metacritic stating that the “game is very fun to play. If you like the roguelike games, this one is for you: great replayability, just to get a room later… tons of weapons and armors, impeccable procedural generation of the dungeons”. Below you can also find a few opinions from Twitter.

Tallowmere Twitter Tallowmere in review

Tallowmere Twitter2 Tallowmere in review

Tallowmere Twitter3 Tallowmere in review

If you still don’t have your copy of Tallowmere, check it out in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch in Europe: or in Americas: icon smile Tallowmere in review

Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

We are very excited to share the news with you guys that our indie label is growing and the first title in a pipeline for Nintendo Switch is Tallowmere, a 2D indie action roguelike-inspired platformer. We have teamed up with Chris McFarland, a New Zealand developer who created and released the game on Wii U and Steam, to port it to Nintendo Switch. Tallowmere is coming to the Nintendo eShop next Thursday, November 9th, in Europe, Australia and Americas for $/€ 6.99. The Japanese and New Zealand releases are scheduled to follow soon too icon smile Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

Tallowmere Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

How far through Lady Tallowmere’s dungeons can you delve in? Each randomly-generated room gets bigger, harder, and more rewarding the further you go. Raise your shield and hunt for the key in each room – or die trying. Be on your guard for every enemy, elite, boss, and treasure chest you’ll encounter. Discover new weapons and armor ranging from Basic to Otherworldly. Brace yourself as you learn the quirks of each foe, trap, and room type so you can strive for that “one more run” high-score victory!

Screen01 Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

Randomly-generated rooms – Every time you play, the rooms are different: different enemies, different layouts, different trap placements, different events, different treasure. You never know what lies ahead.

Enemies – Archers, fire mages, conductors, zaeries, ogres, leapers… Slay them before they slay you. You can fully block their attacks with your shield, but it’s easier said than done.

Traps – Spikes, poison skulls, pinwheels… Trap damage isn’t blockable, so don’t get hit.

Bosses and events – Hydras, mechanical nightmares, ferocious felines, flag capturing… Sharpen your skills to survive.

Loot – Hearts, coins, keys, souls, potions, rocket launchers, katanas, grenades, flamethrowers, ice wands, emerald daggers… Every weapon has a unique mechanic, giving you a choice of how to tackle your current situation. Collect all the weapons or die trying.

Screen02 Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

Tallowmere is easy to learn but hard to master:

  • Block enemy attacks with your shield
  • Strike when you have the advantage
  • Avoid traps
  • Collect loot
  • Spend souls to increase stats
  • Try not to die

You can take a few hits, but fail to block enough and you’re done.. Learn how things work and you’ll hopefully make it farther next time. Tallowmere features a high-score system so you can track your greatest efforts.

tshirt detail2 Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

- 2D action roguelite platformer
- Supports 1-4 local players
- Infinite number of randomly-generated rooms
- Tiered loot including axes, clubs, katanas, daggers, ice wands, grenades, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers
- Local high score board and achievements
- Challenge modes

Screen06 Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

We encourage you to visit the official game page at, where you will find many useful tips and inforamtion about the game icon smile Tallowmere, our first game on Nintendo Switch, is coming next week!

And here you can check some heavy action in the official trailer: