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Feel the intensity in Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D, the latest military shooter to hit Nintendo 3DS!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Don’t think to underestimate this enemy…

Deep within the overgrown jungles of South America, a group of highly trained US marines head out for their latest secret mission; to take down the largest international arms trafficking cartel known as Fuerza de Voluntad. Your soldier, Will is one of the experienced marines ready to charge through the treacherous jungle environment in this long standing heated war. Immerse yourself in this awesome military 3D shooter as you shoot down enemy aircrafts, smashing through and interacting with the hostile environment. Ride aboard helicopters and tanks aiming to vanquish the entire cartel with the use of powerful upgradable weapons for a total military show down!

BlogHeavy1 Feel the intensity in Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D, the latest military shooter to hit Nintendo 3DS!

Game Features:

  • Complete missions through dense South American jungles with destructible objects and environments
  • Tackle missions with different vehicles including helicopters, tanks and on foot
  • Ability to advance in military ranks for access to faster and more powerful weaponry
  • Hardcore first-person shooter with special 3D effects for a surreal experience!

The operation is set to take off this Thursday, August 15 on Nintendo eShop in the Americas and Europe for $4.99 and €4.99.

Soldiers, prepare for departure in less than 2 days…

It’s time for more Summer SALES on Nintendo eShop!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Logo3 It’s time for more Summer SALES on Nintendo eShop!The uniquely groovilicious game, Groove Heaven will have you pumping the air this summer with its global summery discount on Nintendo eShop! Starting the summer break with Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D on sale, it was about time for some summer rhythms to take center stage in our Summer Sale frenzy!

From the 15th of August, for a whole month you’ll have your chance to grab Groove Heaven at just $2.99/€2.99!

This is no fever from the summer heat only dancing fever! So feel the rhythm of the music and get moving and grooving to the funkiest beat in town!

Note: Sale on from August 15, 2013 – September 19, 2013 on Nintendo eShop in the Americas and Europe.

Robot Rescue 3D in Review!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

The addictive puzzling series made it’s come back earlier this month with the consecutive installment released in 3D. Robot Rescue 3D, a mega pack, comprised of all the levels from the first two releases plus addition never before seen levels is now in review! Here is what reviewers have said so far!Robot pur Robot Rescue 3D in Review!

Infendo’s Essel Pratt found the game’s replay factor to be a major plus, stating that “this game can be played for a few minutes, or a few hours, and still captivate the player,” adding that “if you are a fan of puzzle games, and are looking for the next big game, give Robot Rescue 3D a download and check it out!”

WiiLoveIt rated the game overall 70%, scoring the game-play 7/10 and extra content 5/5 further recommending that “anyone who likes the sound of a complicated brain teaser should at least consider tackling this budget-priced offering.”

Robot gre Robot Rescue 3D in Review!

NintendoLife also scored Robot Rescue 3D a 7/10 describing the game as a great game for new players to this “games’ unique, brain-bending puzzles” and if “this is your first robo-rodeo and you’re up for a serious challenge, these might just be the droids you’re looking for.”

Robot Rescue 3D’s rating soared high with Family Friendly Gaming rating the game overall 84%, with a 98% replay factor and an 88% game play factor. Overall, Sam from Family Friendly Gaming concentrated on the depth of the game-play indicting that “all of these concepts in Robot Rescue 3D will keep your brain on its toes – so to speak.”

So if you are looking for a smashing mega pack full of loads of Robot Rescue downtime, then maybe NintendoLife is spot on and these are the droids you are after, after all!