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Heavy Fire’s Shattered Spear has hit its target!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

How did Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear fair?

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, the latest release from the popular franchise Heavy Fire, takes your solider Will, on a mission to Iran to rescue a spy who has stolen secret documents about an Iranian nuclear facility. In the toughest operation yet, you are required to rescue your spy, protect your based and take the fight to the enemy, bringing down the threat of nuclear weapons.

A month after its release, the sequel to the popular on-rails shooter has made its mark on the gaming world with releasing a recent review by reviewer Zachary Martinez.

Untitled 1 Heavy Fire’s Shattered Spear has hit its target!

Shattered Spear was described as “more honest and challenging than those popular military shooters”. The review goes on to highlight that “the levels are well constructed and there is more environment interaction that that immovable barrel in CoD or invincible pool chairs in Dead Island.”

Overall, Shattered Spear was awarded 8 out of 10 by for keeping true to the original style of on-rails shooters. Check out the full review HERE or head over to the game’s page at!

Already an impressive start to the year for the Heavy Fire series, we cannot wait to see how our other upcoming games fair in the coming months!

And for a quick reminder into Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s game play, take a look at its official trailer! announce the winners of their Best of Nintendo Awards for 2012!

Friday, February 1st, 2013

And the winner for Hidden Gem of the Year (Downloads) 2012 goes to…CANDLE ROUTE!

Our little fiery friend, Sparky has made a big impression on the DSiWare world, with announcing in their latest Best of Nintendo Awards for 2012, Candle Route as winner of the category Hidden Gem of the Year (Downloads)!

eShopBanner 400x168 announce the winners of their Best of Nintendo Awards for 2012!

Candle Route was also nominated as Runner Up in ‘DSiWare Game of the Year’ and had an Honourable Mention in the ‘Family Game of the Year’ category.

Winning the top prize, both the developers of the game Peakvox, and we here at Teyon were excited to see that this little bundle of fire took off with such an explosion in the world of Nintendo!

Reminisce with the official trailer for Candle Route below!