Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

January 24th, 2013 by aneta.bajda

With the excitement and anticipated release of the next installment to the Heavy Fire series, Shattered Spear, I decided to sit down and have a quick chat with Mariusz, the Project Manager from Teyon about his team’s work in producing the latest Heavy Fire game. And here is what he had to say…

Pic 1 edit21 300x224 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

What is the basic story-line behind the game?

The storyline in this version is completely different to the previous Heavy Fire titles. So far, every Heavy Fire release has had its own unique adventure and this release is no different. The only consistency between each version of the game is the main character, Will, who this time takes part in missions in Afghanistan and Iran where he, along with his team, try to prevent a nuclear disaster.

Are there any new additions to the mechanics of the game?

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is based on similar mechanics to the previous titles. However, there have been a number of minor and major improvements as well as the creation of several new solutions aimed at attracting players who enjoy this genre. The player has at their disposal many more weapons and military equipment to use and apply, then in Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. Each weapon provides its own unique style of play. There is also the option of using guns within vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and gunship (AC-130).

Pic 2 edit2 224x300 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project ManagerOur aim wasn’t to create an entire revolution, but to concentrate on certain elements that we hope appeal to our audience. We changed our approach to the story-line by creating one consistent story-line from beginning to end instead of just a series of missions to complete. The graphics engine and sound have also been improved as well as the expanded selection of weaponry and vehicles to use throughout the game. We also increased the use and interaction of elements within the environment, to help players in the elimination of the enemy and lastly developed more diverse sceneries of the locations where the battles with the enemies take place.

As the project manager for this version of Heavy Fire, which part of its development did you enjoy the most?

Hmm, it’s hard to say. For us, making games always brings us pleasure. Every element we create, we not only do it for ourselves but also the players that will play the games we develop. We always approach our work not only in a way to get the job done, but also for the team to enjoy the whole process and have fun developing these games.

Where do you see the series of Heavy Fire heading? Will there be more additions to the franchise in the next couple of years?Pic 3 edit2 300x181 Looking through the eyes of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear’s Project Manager

The possibilities are endless. Definitely there is a chance for the game to be released on other gaming platforms. We aren’t excluding spin-offs. The next big steps will be aiming for next generation consoles and I hope that we will also be able to release new and better games to add to the Heavy Fire series.

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is available from Tuesday, 29th of January on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and on PC in the US! Check out www.heavyfire.com for all your Heavy Fire needs, including screenshots and the trailer for Shattered Spear!