101 MiniGolf World will rock Europe this Friday

December 15th, 2010 by katarzyna.stepien

101minigolfworld thumbnail 101 MiniGolf World will rock Europe this FridayJust after the release of 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection last Friday, Europe’s Nintendo DSiWare gets another Teyon title! The exciting “true 3D” miniature golf, 101 MiniGolf World, will make its debut this week, on Friday December 17th! Play over 100 fun and challenging holes solo or with up to 8  friends for just 500 Nintendo DSi points!

The intuitive 3D Virtual Play eases the use of controls with just a stylus to sink putts as you send your ball flying through loops, pipes, arches, extreme ramps and mind-blowing obstacles!

The game gathered well reviews in North America. IGN scored it 7/10 and called it “another strong DSiWare release for Teyon”.
“(…) It’s ultimately a satisfying little pick-up-and-play design, and deceptively deep – the 101 in its name isn’t just a random number, as there really are over 100 different holes to play and conquer here for just five bucks.” – you can read in the review.

Take at look at 101 MiniGolf World’s page and its trailer.