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Heavy Fire: Special Operations launch trailer released

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Heave Fire: Special Operations is NOW AVAILABLE on the U.S. WiiWare™ and is offered for only 500 Wii Points™. Take a quick look at the environments, modes and the game-play before playing.

Check out the official game’s site and its facebook page for more information.

101 Shark Pets – review by IGN

Monday, July 12th, 2010

101SharkDS thumbnail21 101 Shark Pets   review by IGNWe’ve waited a long time for the first review of 101 Shark Pets, our latest game for the Nintendo DSiWare, but finally it is here! Lucas M. Thomas from IGN has rated the game briefly.

“There’s no way a real shark would let you get away with this. And that makes it awesome.(…) you’d never actually feed a shark in this way, or play games with it, or dress it up in outfits (…) But that silly sense of displacement is what makes this all appealing.”” – writes Lucas.

Overall, the game was scored 7/10 and it was tagged as a decent title! The whole article can be found here.
We also encourage you to visit 101 Shark Pet’s site, where you can find more information about the title.