101 MiniGolf World (DSiWare) – Review by Wiiloveit.com

April 20th, 2010 by katarzyna.stepien

101minigolfworld thumbnail 101 MiniGolf World (DSiWare) – Review by Wiiloveit.comThe next review of 101 MiniGolf World has been published. KnucklesSonic8 wrote a thorough article for Wiiloveit.com

Wiiloveit.com mentioned that “101 MiniGolf World is definitely worth the price tag. The (…) multiplayer incorporation leads to fun gaming sessions for those that consider them fans of this sub-genre. Even when you consider the appeal of the single-player mode, the unique high-score system makes for one of the most replayable mini-golf games. (…) players have freedom to uncover hidden routes and shortcuts to get to the cup at the end of the hole. (…) it’s [the game] both rewarding and satisfying on multiple fronts.”

To sum up: “Gameplay 8/10, Presentation 7/10, Enjoyment 4/5, Extra Content 5/5 – 108 holes in total, can aim for high-scores on each hole, rewards good performance, great value for only $5″

Overall, the game is rated 24/30 and is marked with ‘very good’ tag! The whole article is available here.

Check out 101 MiniGolf World’s official website for more information!