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December 11th, 2009 by katarzyna.stepien

ballfighter banner blog Ball Fighter   Review by NintendoLife.comOn Monday, December 7, our new Nintendo DSiWare™ title ‘Ball Fighter’ was published in the Nintendo DSi™ Shop (Americas region). It is available for 500 Nintendo points. ESRB has rated it E for EVERYONE.

We’re glad to share with you the first review written by Desiree Turner for Nintendo Life.

According to the service: “Teyon made an excellent choice by porting Ball Fighter to the DSi. (…) [It is] entertaining puzzle game that would be great no matter how it looks or sounds. (…) the game itself is addictive enough to have you waiting eagerly for your next fix to load. (…) if you’re a fan of puzzle games and you’d like something new to play, definitely give Ball Fighter a shot.”

The game has received 7/10! The full review can be read here.

Find out more about the game by checking out its official site.