How was the show?

June 17th, 2009 by mateusz.makowiec

Finally, we’re back in Poland (we stayed a little longer in the U.S. to meet some publishing partners)

The show is not as big as it was in 2006 but we really enjoyed it. We had a lot of promising meetings and I think most attendees were under the impression that the shows importance is rising. In general the reception of our products was very good both from publishers and the media (though we had only a few meetings with media representatives, our team designated to the show was too small to handle more, this time we were focused on business meetings) I’m very happy that people liked our gameplay on DSiWare. Forsaken Patrol received good feedback from publishers so I hope we’ll be able to greenlight this project very soon. And finally our new casual games line will probably find new distribution partners in the U.S. So altogether it was a great show for our company!

booth11 150x150 How was the show? booth21 150x150 How was the show?